Can you spot the plane flying in the wrong direction?

Sarah Carty

If you’ve ever looked at an aviation map and seen how many planes are in the air at any one time, then this puzzle showing one going in the wrong direction will make you squirm.

Airports Parking and Hotels (APH) released the brainteaser, which asks people to scope out where the offending plane is on the map.

However, considering the tricky puzzle shows about 100 white planes on a red and blue background, it might take you longer than you think.

Can you spot the plane flying in the wrong direction on this map? Photo: APH

The brainteaser shows planes of all different shapes and sizes flying all around the world.

However there’s one plane in particular that could cause havoc if it’s not caught.

Have you spotted it yet?

Here a hint: It’s fling somewhere between Italy and Saudi Arabia on the map.

The plane is caught up near hundreds of others. Photo: APH
Here's a close-up of the plane. Photo: APH

The brainteaser comes after FlightAware revealed that the busiest day of the year in the skies in 2016 was August 5th.

12,856 planes, which were carrying 1,590,929 people were in the air at the exact same moment.

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