Bride and Prejudice gay backlash

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

There were plenty of narrow-minded parents on show in the premiere episode of the new Channel Seven docu-series Bride and Prejudice, but it was Chris’ mother who really had viewers seeing red.

After popping the question to Grant, his partner of three years, Sydneysider Chris was less than excited to break the happy news of his engagement to his mother Yvonne and father Geoff.

Chris says that he has known he was gay since he was just five years old, and used to try to “pray it away” before finally accepting his sexuality when he was at Uni.

Grant (left) and Chris became engaged after being together for three years. Source: Channel Seven

Yvonne, a strict Jehovah’s Witness, believes homosexuality to be a sin and as a result has barely spoken to her son in the five years since he came out – his parents don’t even know that he’s in a relationship.

Chris gave Grant the romantic proposal of his dreams. Source: Channel Seven

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over it,” she says of Chris being gay. “I feel like my son has died.” And this was before he even told them he was engaged…gulp.

Chris became emotional speaking about his troubled relationship with Yvonne. Source: Channel Seven

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their outrage and disbelief at Yvonne’s words.

“If you don't support and love your child because they have a same-sex partner you don't deserve to be a parent,” tweeted one viewer. “He is your CHILD! He is not a serial killer or a terrorist,” raged another.

Yvonne says she feels like her

Chris’ dad Geoff wasn’t left out of the debate either – although he isn’t a Jehovah’s Witness, he still thinks homosexuality is “absolutely wrong”. When the interviewer asked whether Geoff still loved his son, he simply said: “I don’t hate him.” Tweeters: ready, aim, fire!


“'I never brought him up as a homosexual'. Geoff, you're class d---head,” said one tweet. “Geoff, how right you are you didn't bring up a homosexual, you brought up your son that was born homosexual,” another user pointed out.

If Chris’ parents are still this bitter years after learning that he is gay, we can only imagine how they’re going to react after finding out that their son is engaged to a man. We just hope Chris’ loyal Twitter supporters still have his back!

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