Bride’s makeshift Woolworths wedding cake

Olivia Morris

You’ve got the dress sorted, the venue is perfect, delicious dinner is in order and the thing that pulls the whole day together is the cutting of your wedding cake.

However, for this Queensland bride that was not the case after her pre-ordered $500 wedding cake was never delivered.

The bride was left without a cake on her wedding day but her friends came to the rescue. Source: Getty

This bride did not let that spoil her day.

It took some quick thinking and a lot of creativity but Jade Neil ended up getting her wedding cake from a collection Woolworths bought ingredients.

It looks delicious! Source: Facebook

Jade posted on the Woolworths Australia Facebook page a photo of her magnificent cake that could definitely pass for a professionally made one.

She wrote: “On my wedding day my wedding cake didn’t show up! Two of my sister in laws and a dear family friend made my wedding cake out of Woolies mud cake, pre-made Betty Crocker icing, fresh flowers and one of my hessian cutlery holders!”

The post now has over 17,000 likes on it and over 3000 comments.

Speaking to Mamamia, Jade described how devastated she was as she had just discovered she was pregnant and wasn’t able to drink at the wedding so “the cake was the next best thing”.

Her fast-thinking friends that saved the day. Source: Getty

“I was also more disappointed that I had tried to support a small local business and they failed to come to the party. I paid $500, and when we contacted them afterwards about the whole thing, they denied know who we were,” she recalled to the publication.

Her fast-thinking friends came to the rescue preparing the homemade cake inbetween courses during the reception and the bride admitted she was “stunned” by the outcome.

It is potentially a blessing in disguise as it may have given others planning a wedding some inspiration to cut down costs.

She may have given some other soon-to-be-brides some inspiration to cut down costs. Source: Getty

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She added on her Facebook post: “So if you’re doing a wedding on a budget – here is some inspo! (sic) Everybody loves a Woolies mud cake.”

We totally agree it looks like it would have been delicious!

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