Bride breaks her toe to fit into dream wedding shoes

Kristine Tarbert

Stephanie Househam had been forced to wear trainers for her whole life because of a a claw toe on her left foot.

But when it can to planning her wedding day, the 30-year-old from the UK, was not going to walk down the aisle in joggers.

Desperate to fit into her dream shoes on her big day, Stephanie went to extreme measures deciding to have surgery on her pinky toe.

Stephanie didn't want to wear joggers on her big day. Photo: Supplied

“Every pair of shoes I tried on it just would not fit – my toe literally hung out of the top of every shoe,” Stephanie, who got engaged to partner David last year, told The Sun.

“I’d had enough, and I just wanted nice shoes for my wedding.”

So she visited her GP and after explaining her situation decided to go under the knife.

"I explained everything to my GP and how I just wanted the option to go out and wear whatever shoes I wanted,” she said.

Doctors had to snap all the tendons and break her toe. Photo: Supplied

Stephanie had the operation done in November last year which saw doctors snap all the tendons in her foot and then break the offending toe.

The toe was then secured in its new position with a pin, which eventually fell out as the toe healed.

Having to take six weeks off work and wear a walking boot, Stephanie says the whole ordeal was quite painful.

She got to wear her dream shoes. Photo: Supplied

But it was all worth it once she took the boot off in January and five months later, married David in her dream shoes.

Beforehand, Stephanie says she tried on "loads" of shoes while shopping to find her perfect pair.

“Now I’ve bought so many more shoes - I’ve got so much more than what I had! It was definitely worth it,” she says.

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