Business-class passenger gets 150 bed bug bites on flight

Kristine Tarbert

You might not associate bed bugs with planes but this business class passenger claims he was bitten 150 times during an 11-hour flight.

Mike Gregory, 35, was travelling from London to Cape Town with British Airways on New Year’s Eve to be with his wife and children, spending almost $7,000 on the trip.

But within hours of landing, he began itching on his waist, torso and hands.

“I realised I had been bitten 120 to 150 times,” Mike told the

Mike Gregory claims he was bitten by bed bugs during a flight. Photo: Supplied
He was itchy on his waist, torso and hands. Photo: Supplied

“I was shocked and obviously appalled by it, I was amazed it was even possible to have bed bugs on a flight. It has ruined my family holiday.”

A doctor confirmed it was bed bugs. Photo: Supplied

Mike went on to explain he slept for most of the flight but when he woke up he spotted red blood on the sheets – a sign of bed bugs.

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A doctor later confirmed he had been bitten by bed bugs.

After making a complaint with the airline he was told the plane had since been fumigated.

A British Airways spokesman confirmed the plane has now been “fully treated” with no further reports of problems.

A BA spokesman said the plane had been fumigated. Photo: Getty

“We have been in touch with Mr Gregory to apologise,” the spokesman said.

“As soon as we are made aware, we take steps to investigate, cordon off and treat the seat as necessary.”

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