Brodie Macpherson's 66kg weight loss

Allison Yee

It’s been a four-year journey of sweat, tears and finally gastric sleeve surgery, but Brodie MacPherson, sister to Neighbours star Dan, is finally where she wants to be after an incredible 66kg weight loss.

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Brodie, who has become an internet sensation since candidly opening up about her weight loss journey, reveals she decided to turn her life around after weighing 146kg at her heaviest.

Brodie embarked on her weight loss journey four years ago. Photo: Instagram/brodietmacpherson

“As a woman at times it can be challenging talking about your body so publicly but this is something I really wanted out there because life's too short not to wake up every day & celebrate being you!” Brodie wrote on Instagram.

Four years ago, Brodie turned to experts, including a personal trainer and psychologist, in a bid to get fit.

Brodie, pictured here with brother Dan, weighed 146kg at her heaviest. Photo: Instagram/brodietmacpherson

After losing 20 kg, the 24-year-old decided that surgery was her next step.

“Surgery was never the first option, it was the last option,' she told New Idea. “Gastric surgery is a bit of a taboo. There's this idea that it is the easy way out for lazy people, but I couldn't disagree more.”

Brodie's since lost an incredible 66kg and looks amazing. Photo: Instagram/brodietmacpherson

Brodie underwent gastric sleeve surgery in November 2014 and shed an incredible five dress sizes and almost 70kg.

Now happily posting swimsuit photos on social media, Brodie is determined to focus on her health and keep challenging herself.

The body confident blonde now happily shares swimsuit snaps with her followers. Photo: Instagram/brodietmacpherson

“Life is about so much more than the number on the scales,” Brodie explains on Instagram.

“After all I'm just a former chubby girl who awkwardly loved leopard - but what I've learnt so far is that life's too short not to keep growing, keep pushing, keep fighting your fears, keep loving yourself & having fun.”

Dan and Brodie have always been close, with the siblings sharing snaps of themselves on social media. Photo: Instagram/brodietmacpherson

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