Parents horrified by deadly discovery in school sandpit

Allison Yee

For those kids who hate playing in the sandpit for fear of what lurks within, it seems they might have a very real concern after one student at a NSW school made a terrifying discovery.

The concerned child was playing in the sandpit of his Laurieton school when he uncovered some odd-looking eggs last month.

The school then called in wildlife volunteers who uncovered a horrifying find of 12 brown snake eggs.

A child made the initial discovery of the snake eggs in the sandpit. Photo: FAWNA

But that wasn’t all the sandpit was hiding.

After three days of digging, volunteers from Fawna Wildlife Rescue discovered seven brown snake nests and 43 eggs in total – with diggers estimating the eggs hatching within two weeks of being found.

Brown snakes are extremely venomous, with the eastern brown snake said to be responsible for most deaths caused by snakebite in Australia.

“Even when they are newly-hatched, brown snakes can still be very dangerous to humans,” Fawna Wildlife Rescue volunteer Yvette Attleir told

The brown snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Photo: Getty

“The venom is not quite as potent as it would be in an adult snake, but if a child was bitten then they would have to go straight to hospital.”

The Camden Haven Courier reports the school is located close to a reserve, with two snakes believed to have made the sandpit – with freshly laid sand - their nesting place.

The nests and eggs were found scattered in the school's sandpit. Photo: FAWNA

“The sand was still fresh and loose and would have provided the perfect place for snakes to regulate the eggs due to the temperature,” Yvette told the publication.

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