Burgers and fries could save your life

Allison Yee

Forget feeling guilty for tucking into your cheat meal of a burger and hot chips, a new study claims the fat found in your favourite fast food might actually help protect against skin cancer.

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According to the Daily Mail, researchers at Boston University in Massachusetts found that when given to mice, a fat commonly found in fast food known as palmitic acid, increased skin pigmentation and helped protect against melanomas.

With summer on its way, there's an added bonus to indulging in burgers. Photo: Getty

It’s believed palmitic acid affects the MC1R gene, the gene which is related to melanin pigment in the skin.

“Individuals carrying MC1R variants - especially those associated with red hair colour, fair skin and poor tanning ability - are associated with higher risk of melanoma,” the Mail reports Professor Rutao Cui from Boston University saying.

“The results highlight a central role for MC1R palmitoylation in pigmentation and protection against melanoma.”

Source: Giphy

But before you gleefully start adding burgers and hot chips into your daily rotation, it’s important to note that these foods are still linked to heart disease and obesity, so go easy!

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