Camilla and Fergie join forces to 'destabilise' the royal family

Sarah Carty

The royal family may have shunned Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie, ever since she divorced Prince Andrew in 1996, however she’s now found an unlikely ally in Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

According to New Idea magazine, the 57-year-old mother of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, has joined forces with Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, to throw a spanner in the royal family.

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Indeed Fergie has been a social outcast in royal circles since she was caught getting her toe sucked by a financial advisor in 1992 – however Camilla is now ready to bring her in from the cold.

It's reported Camilla has reached out to a former member of the royal family. Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Ferguson 'Fergie' and Camilla have been working in cohorts. Photo: Getty Images

“Fergie feels that she’s been unfairly snubbed over the years and has been going to Ascot for years trying to work her way back into the fold,” a source told New Idea.

“So she was only too happy to join forces with Camilla after she extended an olive brach.”

It’s believed Camilla is furious with the Queen and the rest of the royal family who appear to be pushing for Prince William and Kate Middleton to take over the throne instead of Prince Charles.

According to New Idea, Camilla is plotting to “destabilise” William and Kate’s move to Kensington Palace, with the help of Fergie.

This isn’t the first time Fergie and Camilla have crossed paths, as it’s believed that Fergie’s reintroduction back into the Court Circular last year was aided by Camilla.

Camilla reportedly wants to throw a spanner in the works for Prince William and Kate Middleton's move to Kensington Palace. Photo: Getty Images

The Court Circular is an official list, approved by the Queen, which shows what royal engagements have taken place.

Fergie’s last inclusion before she undertook a royal engagement to represent her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, last year was in 1997, at Princess Diana’s funeral.

“Camilla is a peacemaker by nature - look how she managed to get the Queen, William and Harry on side after the most inauspicious of beginnings. She’s also befriended Kate. Having been vilified herself for so long, she has much sympathy for Sarah,” a source told the Daily Mail at the time.

However it appears Camilla may now be looking to put the young royals back in their place, after it was reported the Queen held a ‘trial coronation’ for Prince William and Kate last month.

It's been claimed that the lavish state dinner to welcome the King and Queen of Spain to Kensington Palace was actually a chance for the Queen to run through what might happen if Prince William were to become King.

Fergie has been trying to get back into the royal fold for years and is often seen with her daughter, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Photo: Getty Images
Camilla is reportedly furious that the Queen held a 'trial coronation' for Prince William and Kate Middleton last month. Photo: Getty Images
It's thought Camilla is doing all she can to put the young royals back in their place. Photo: Getty Images

Indeed it was a lavish affair, with the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall all donning their finest garments on the night.

Kate Middleton was spotted looking nervous at the dinner in a stunning, blush pink, lace Marchesa gown matched with Diana's beloved pearl-encrusted tiara.

The news will no doubt irk Prince Charles, who is currently first in line to take over from his mother, the Queen, whenever she decides to retire.

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