Inside Camilla and Prince Charles' unusual marriage

Sarah Carty

They’ve been married for 14 years and now the unusual details about Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship have been revealed.

According to royal insiders, the royals, who have famously have had a famously rocky road to love in the past, actually spend quite a lot of time apart.

In an adaptation from Penny Junor’s book, The Duchess, thr author reveals that while Prince Charles is right at home in the intense spotlight, Camilla prefers the quieter life in the countryside.

Prince Charles and Camilla reportedly live separate lives. Photo: Getty Images
The couple were married in 2004. Photo: Getty Images

When she divorced Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995, Camilla decided to keep her house, called Ray Mills, in the countryside which she still retreats to when London gets too much for her.

“She will quite often have dinner with Charles at Highgrove and, if there is nothing on the agenda the next day, go home for the night afterward,” Penny wrote in the book.

“It’s not so much an escape from him—the Prince sometimes goes and stays with her there—as from the baggage that comes with him.

“Besides, he is up working most nights until well after she’d like to be in bed and asleep.”

A source told the Daily Mail previously that Camilla loves being surrounded by her grandchildren and thrives in the hustle and bustle at the house.

Camilla reportedly prefers to stay in the countryside while Prince Charles lives at Highgrove. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Charles prefers to stay at their Highgrove home, where he can enjoy the peace and quiet on his own.

When he’s at home, Charles sticks to a strict every day routine, where he always has his chef cook him the same meals.

According to the ABC, the prince must have a cup of tea, boiled eggs and a muffin between 4pm and 5pm every day.

“The eggs must be boiled for exactly four minutes,” a source told the ABC.

"Chefs boil seven eggs at a time to ensure at least one is perfect.”

And the prince’s eccentric personality doesn’t stop there, as back in 2010 he claimed in a BBC documentary that he talks to his plants to make them grow.

The prince, who is a keen gardener, along with Camilla, hit back at critics who said it was strange that he spoke to his plants like they were his kids.

"I happily talk to the plants and the trees, and listen to them. I think it's absolutely crucial," he said at the time.

Camilla loves to be surrounded by her family and grandkids. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Camilla has kept a relatively low profile in the media since she officially got together with Charles.

It was no surprise that the British public didn’t take too warmly to her at the start of their relationship due to her long-term affair with Charles during his marriage to Diana.

However she went through a makeover, ditching the frumpy look and coming across as a loving mother-in-law to the much-loved Prince William and Prince Harry.

Yet sources say Charles and Camilla continue to live as if she is still the other woman and spend most of their time apart - something they were used to back when he was still with Diana.

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