Camilla turns up to oldies' dance class

Aletha Wilkinson

The old folk of Bath are a lively bunch, so no doubt they were excited to have a special guest drop in on their ballet rehearsal this week.

Camilla Parker Bowles visited St John's Hospital in Bath and stopped in to hang out with the Silver Swans dance group as they twirled around.

Strangely, Camilla never took her coat off. Source: Getty

"People aged 50 upwards are looking for a type of exercise that suits their body. High-impact exercises such as running are not going to be beneficial to most in that age group. Ballet helps refine balance, flexibility and core strength," Dr Anne Hogan, director of education for the Royal Academy of Dance, told the Daily Mail.

Come on Camilla, don't just stand there! Source: Getty

"These are key to maintaining anyone’s health, but are especially important at that age. Ballet is also sociable, provides the opportunity to do something to music and is technically challenging."

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