Can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive make-up?

Sarah Carty

The only thing better than someone asking you where you got your make-up or hair done and you telling them you did it yourself is bagging yourself an unreal beauty bargain.

We all know that make-up, haircare and skincare products can be pretty outrageously priced, so whenever we hear of an affordable brand that could pass as a dupe for a high-end product, we're on it straight away.

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Whether it's a killer highlighter than leaves your shining like a beacon, an eyebrow pencil which won't budge or an eyeshadow palette you'll never leave home without, if it's a steal we're all over it.

First up we tried out the $9.99 Aldi Lacura Stepping Out Brow Palette. Photo: Aldi

So when we heard that Aldi were releasing a new line of super cost-effective make-up products, we just had to test them out.

In the video above, make-up artist Ellen Gould tried out the Lacura Stepping Out Eyeshadow Palette, the Lacura Stepping Out Eyebrow Palette and the Lacura Stepping Out Contouring & Highlight Palette, which all cost $9.99 each, against $180 worth of high-end products to see how they fared.

Our initial thought on opening the Lacura range was how sleek and expensive they looked.

The eyebrow palette comes with a wax, two different highlight colours and three brow colours as well as a tweezers, a spoolie, a slanted eyebrow brush and a small pencil.

If you're unsure what the perfect eyebrow shape for you is, it also comes with eyebrow stencils so you don't have to use your free-hand.

At only $9.99 the palette certainly exceeded expectations, with the brand catering for every eyebrow shade imaginable.

However while Ellen was applying the powder to my brow, she did note that the brush was far too small for an accurate application and recommended using a longer brush instead.

Then we tried the $9.99 Aldi Lacura Stepping Out Eyeshadow Palette. Photo: Aldi

Next up was the eyeshadow palette, which comes complete with three highlight colours, two contour shades and one base.

Straight away Ellen noticed there is no matte colour in the palette and it only features shimmery shades, which are pretty hard to use if you want a smokey eye look.

However she made it work and while she needed to use a lot more of the product to get the same pay-off, she was impressed with the result compared to the high-end, well known palette.

Last up was the Aldi Lacura Stepping Out Contouring and Highlight Palette, which comes in at $9.99. Photo: Aldi

Finally the contour palette, which features two highlight shades and two contour shades and comes in at $9.99 was used on my cheeks, under my jaw, down the sides of my nose and on my cupid's bow and it was a winner.

Yet again, a lot more of the product was needed to create the same effect as the expensive products but the difference was barely noticeable once both were on.

Ellen found the products were great if you needed a cost-effective alternative to your favourite brand but if you want to get long-wearing results, it may be better to splash out and spend the big bucks.

If you're after the Aldi range you may need to get down to your nearest branch fast, as they're part of their Special Buys range, with tend to sell out in quick time.

Can you notice the difference in the Aldi Lacura make-up and the high end products in the video above?

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