Can you spot the waving girl in this photo?

Team Be

A photo of a rocky landscape has come to the internet's attention again, yet it still has us stumped!

At first glance, it looks like a normal photo of a formation of light brown rocks but what you might not realise is that there's a little girl somewhere in there waving at you!

Your job is to find the young tourist waving her hands surrounded by the dramatic, boulder-strewn terrain.

Photo: Imgur

But the shadows and crevices and the sheer size of the stones make it this task super tricky.

Posted to Imgur with the teasing caption: "Can you find her? Look closely", viewers became frustrated to say the least.

Some begged for the girl to be identified by a red circle while another called the puzzle "brutal".

Here’s a hint - she’s wearing a purple hoodie and waving at the camera madly!

Can you see her now?

Don't feel defeated if you can't because this is one seriously difficult puzzle. Unless you have the eyes of hawk...

Scroll up for one last chance or look below so see what you might have missed.

Photo: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

If you did spot the chameleon-like tourist without any help, congratulate yourself because she's almost impossible to find without a guiding hand.

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