Can you spot what’s wrong with this star’s bikini snap?

Allison Yee

We all know there’s sometimes a blurred line between reality and Instagram reality, and now one TV star has been accused of using Photoshop after she posted her latest bikini snap.

Tiffany Scanlon, who shot to to fame after she appeared on The Bachelor last year, and later found love with fellow contestant Megan Marx, has come under fire for her latest snap.

“I got 99 problems but location ain't 1,” Tiffany captioned the photo, showing her in a turquoise floral bikini and sitting on a rock.

Tiffany sparked Photoshop talk after she posted this snap online. Photo: Instagram

“I love to travel but nothing beats home."

Tiffany, 31, was forced to deny she uses Photoshop after one report claimed she had “fuzzy-looking areas” around her bum, legs and arms.

One report claims Tiffany's bum and arms looking suspiciously edited. Photo: Instagram

But the blonde, who proudly posts endless snaps of her incredible figure in bikini and active wear to her 104,000 Instagram followers says it’s all her.

“It's frustrating that other people use Photoshop to achieve the look that I train to have,” she told the Daily Mail.

The 31-year-old says she's worked hard to get the body she has. Photo: Instagram

“I work hard to achieve this fit toned body.”

She isn't shy about showing off her body on social media to her fans either. Photo: Instagram

However the 31-year-old did admit she’s like everyone else when it comes to using filters and using “colours and lighting” to help enhance her snaps.

Tiffany appeared in last year's The Bachelor, making a play for Richie Strahan's heart. Photo: Instagram

It’s something her followers aren’t too phased about though, with commenters praising her snap.

“Gorgeous pic,” wrote one.

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