Can you spot what’s off about this reality star’s beauty photo?

Kristine Tarbert

Glamour model Jessica Shears' latest saucy Instagram pic has left many people scratching their heads.

The Love Island reality star treated her 1.1 million followers to a sexy photo of her in standing in front of a bathroom sink in white lace lingerie, winding a curler through her hair.

Known for spruiking her fave products online, the 24-year-old posed for the camera and gushed about how much she was "loving the results" of her work.

There's something off about this photo? Photo: Instagram

But many of her fans wondered how on earth she was actually curling her hair, given that it looks like the wand isn’t even plugged in.

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In comments, which have since been deleted from her page, many pointed out there couldn’t possibly be a power point on the sink.

Jessica's 1.1m followers were quick to point out the issue. Photo: Instagram

“The most hilarious part of this photo is they’re not even plugged in.. no hotel or electrician would put a plug socket next to a sink!” one person wrote.

“I highly doubt that’s plugged in next to a sink!” another said.

“They’re not plugged in lol,” another of many agreed.

Some said they could see the power point near the box. Photo: Instagram

But some of her fans were quick to defend her saying the socket was clearly visible in the background next to the black box.

“You can see the plug socket behind her,” one wrote.

Hmmm, we can’t see it. Can you?

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