Daughter's makeover for cancer patient mum

Sarah Carty

It's often been said that make-up doesn't just look pretty but can also lift your mood.

And now one woman suffering from cancer has showed just how true that statement is after her daughter decided to give her a makeover on her YouTube page.

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"Today I leave you a very special video I made with the collaboration of my mother," popular YouTuber Nadina Ioana says in the video about her mum, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

A YouTuber has given a makeover to her mum, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Photo: YouTube.
Nadian starts by filling in her mum's brows. Photo: YouTube.

"In this make-up video I show you how to do a makeup in a client who is doing a chemo treatment, who usually has a very sensitive skin, and no brows or eyelashes at all."

Nadina goes on to say that it's very important how you prep the skin before applying make-up by using moisturising cream and serum for sensitive and dry skin types.

"It's also important to do symmetrical brows, which have fit with the client's face, and to be careful in the application of the eyelashes, due to the client won't have any natural eyelashes at all, so they can be uncomfortable if they're not applied correctly," she said.

Nadina also contours her mum's face and highlights it. Photo: YouTube.
She adds lashes for dramatic effect. Photo: YouTube.

Nadina then starts applying make-up lovingly to her mother starting with the brows and then her skin, evening out her skin tone.

Then she adds a pop of colour to her eyes with some bright eyeshadow and finished off the eye look with some dramatic lashes.

At the end, Nadina helps her mother put on a wig and her look is completely transformed.

Nadina helps her mother into a wig. Photo: YouTube.
The pair share a hug at the end of the video. Photo: YouTube.

The video then shows the bond shared between Nadina and her mother as the pair sit and laugh at the end of the video with their cat.

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