The Hype
Caprice on the red carpet in May. Credit: Getty Images

Just a month ago, Caprice, 41, revealed that she's expecting a baby with her partner, Ty Comfort.

Now in a surprising twist the reality TV star and her partner Ty are expecting a second baby, due a month before Caprice is set to give birth.

The pair revealed that they were having difficultly falling pregnant, and given their desire to start a family, organised a gestational carrier in order to conceive. The surrogate was secured a month before Caprice and partner Ty found out they were expecting themselves.

Caprice modelling prior to her pregnancy. Credit:

Speaking to The Sun, Caprice said: 'Words can’t describe our happiness when we knew we were expecting two miracle babies.

''Like every career woman I worked so hard at being successful I left it a little late,' she continued, adding: 'But then to fall pregnant after our gestational carrier did was a miracle.'

The surrogate mother, who is due in August, is pregnant with Caprice's egg and Ty's sperm. Caprice is due in September.

The sex of both babies are known to the couple, with both to be born in the US.