Car filmed driving wrong way down UK motorway 'at 100mph'

A driver has been filmed speeding the wrong way down a UK motorway at around 100mph yesterday as police give chase.

Dash-cam footage captured by a passing car shows a Volkswagen Golf travelling at high speed in the hard shoulder against traffic going northbound in the right direction on the M57 in the Knowsley area of Liverpool.

The video also captures a police car giving chase at high speed, travelling in the right direction of the motorway. It appears at 15 seconds into the video, under the bridge.

Commenters on social media reacting to the shocking video estimated that Golf was travelling at around 100mph in the wet conditions, with one speculating the speed was closer to 120mph.

The incident took place yesterday morning (March 4) at 11.30am.

Writes the owner of the dash-cam footage: "It all happened very quickly and could have been very nasty. I could see his headlights in the distance [when the driver first swears in the video], then in no time at all he flew past, I only managed to sweep the wipers as it passes."