Driver defends his decision to take up FOUR spaces

Kristine Tarbert

There’s nothing worse than driving around a full car park struggling to find a spot and you see someone parked like this.

This photo of a selfish parker using four spots for his one car went viral last week and, of course, had people up in arms.

One car, four spaces. Photo: Facebook

But now the driver has come out and defended his decision.

While shoppers were left fuming, he’s said he doesn’t want “idiots” ruining his ride – as you would expect that hasn’t made people back off.

The photo was posted on Facebook page Spotted: Spalding with the caption "Fabulous parking in Spalding!".

Source: Giphy

But rather than cringe at the fact he has been publicly shamed online, a guy by the name of Fabio Silva came forward claiming he was the owner.

And tried to explain.

"This is jokes. Nothing quite like parking and taking up 4 spaces. Start spending hundreds of pounds on your car and then you'll understand where I'm coming from,” Fabio commented online.

"Sorry for not wanting idiots ruining my pride and joy."

Source: Giphy

Surprisingly, some people did side with him saying they hate people that get out and don’t care if they bang their doors on someone else’s car.

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Most people though as you would expect were not impressed, suggesting he may need to get ‘better insurance’.

Car lover Fabio tries to defend his actions. Photo: Facebook

Some even took it further: “And to think the person driving that car was the fastest swimmer! What a poor gene pool.”

We didn’t think he was going to find many friends, especially given this wasn’t the first time his car was spotted hogging the spaces.

Not the first time he's been spotted using multiple spaces. Photo: Facebook

Serial offender aye?

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