Cara Delevingne made Tom Hiddleston 'pee himself'

Liz Tse

Cara Delevingne is a serial prankster and we love it.

The Brit model appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and spilled about a hilarious prank she played on her A-lister friends during the July 4 weekend at Taylor Swift's house.

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Cara retells the story.

Cara, Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba plotted an elaborate set-up to scare Kesha and the girls from the band Haim.

"They were all in this creepy area of the house. They were watching murder mysteries all day," she explained.

"We got torches, speakers, we did sound effects. We were going to do rocking chairs with bits of thread outside."

She said her pals were so freaked out they considered calling the police.

"We were like, 'I love that you would call the police if you think there's a ghost outside your house'," she joked.

"They got woken up, and they came upstairs and Uzo was over in the corner with a light in her hand, holding a speaker. I was throwing myself on the floor punching things."

Taylor and her famous friends on the July 4 weekend. Source: Instagram

The 23-year-old said their mischief woke up Taylor and Tom who were sleeping upstairs.

"They were like, 'Let's go back downstairs, and leave this scene.' [Tom] was peeing himself in the corner."

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