Woman gets $65k-worth of surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit

Kristine Tarbert

A woman has spent almost $65,000 on plastic surgery to transform into her idol - fictional character Jessica Rabbit.

Carly Mersola, from California in the US, started undergoing surgery in December 2017 because she wanted to 'enhance her natural beauty'.

Now the 26-year-old loves showing off her 36H breasts and enlarged pout.

Carly wanted to 'enhance my natural beauty'. Photo: Australscope

"Jessica Rabbit has always been one of my fictional inspirations because of her hourglass body shape and curves," Carly said.

"I wanted to enhance what I already had naturally."

She now has 36H breasts. Photo: Australscope

Her drastic ‘doll’ look is thanks to an enhanced and defined chin, which she achieved by getting a chin implant and Botox.

Tallying up the boob job, lip fillers, chin implants, and an under-eye filler, Carly has spent a whopping $65,000 on procedures.

She has shelled out over $5,000 on lip fillers alone to achieve the look inspired by Jessica Rabbit, from the hit 1988 Warner Bros film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

She wanted to become like her fictional idol Jessica Rabbit. Photo: Warner Bros

"I maintain them regularly. Usually once a month or once every six weeks or so," she said.

"My lips were getting so big that I've had doctors refuse to inject me."

She's spent over $5k on her lips alone. Photo: Australscope

The $65k she has spent on the procedures so far, don't include her budget for hair, extensions, nails to maintain her look daily.

And she's still not done.

In future Carly hopes to get a Brazilian butt lift and another boob job.

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