Carrie can't deal with her daughter's nickname

Amy Stevenson

Carrie Bickmore has revealed nine-year-old son Ollie's nickname for baby sister Evie gives her the giggles every time he mentions it!

Never one to hold back from sharing aspects of her family life on The Project, Carrie spoke about the hilarious, yet slightly inappropriate nickname on the news program when a segment on animals turned cheeky.

Carrie revealed Ollie's nickname for Evie on The Project. Source: Channel 10
Ollie and Evie playing together. Source: Instagram

"My son's nickname for our daughter [Evie] is beaver," the mother-of-two laughed.

"Every time he calls out, I giggle."

While on the topic of parenting, the 36-year-old admitted she recently let Ollie walk to school alone only to not know whether he got there safely or not!

Carrie and Evie. Source: Instagram
Ollie and his baby sister. Source: Instagram

"At lunch time my friend said, 'And he got there OK?' And I said, 'I don't know, I think!'" Carrie added.

She went on to say that it was only after talking to a friend later in the day that Carrie ended up calling the school to double check he was there!

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The doting mother regularly shares snaps of her kids. Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Getty

Carrie and later husband Greg Lange welcomed Ollie in 2007 while Carrie and new partner Chris Walked share one-year-old Evie.

Sadly, Greg passed away in 2010 after a battle with brain cancer.

The media personality regularly shares photos of her adorable kids on social media.

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