Crazy optical illusion will make you dizzy

Kristine Tarbert

A photo of an interesting hallway has left people scratching their heads.

The mind-boggling optical illusion was created by Manchester tile firm Casa Ceramica to try and stop people running down the hallway.

And we can see why as it looks like you might be sucked into the abyss if you wander too far to the right.

Casa Ceramica's tiled hallway optical illusion. Photo: Twitter

Using a clever combination of black and white tiles the floor appears to have a huge dip in it when it fact it’s completely flat.

Don’t believe us – watch the video above.

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Sharing the image online Duncan Cook, the director of Casa Ceramica, explained it’s the curved shape of each tile that gives it the appearance.

He went on to show a picture of the other side of the hallway on Twitter.

The photo eventually made its way onto Reddit with people completely blown away by the visual trick.

“First time ‘Whoa! I'd better slow down’ Second time ‘I know your game now floor’,” one person commented.

“I feel like this will cause more falls than it prevents,” another quipped.

Another added: “That would prevent me from walking in the hallway!”

And it’s not the only floor that has people thinking twice before stepping across.

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