Casey Donovan’s weight loss coach shares three tips for success

Kristine Tarbert

Aussie singer Casey Donovan has wowed fans with her 36kg weight loss, and now her coach has shared some of the tricks she used to make that happen.

After initially losing 17kg while on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! last year the 29-year-old decided she needed a little help to reach her goal of getting under 100kg and so on advice from a friend she joined online program Weight Loss Coaching Works.

Switching her beloved fast-food for a moderate-protein diet she went on to lose 23kg in 15 weeks, sharing her impressive before and after snaps on Instagram in December.

Casey Donovan shared this before and after snap in December. Photo: Instagram/Caseydonovan

"Weight-loss coaching has changed my life not only in shape and size but my mindset. It’s not an easy road, (I’m not going to lie) but the payoff is so rewarding,” she wrote alongside the images.

Now the owner of the program Ben Physick has revealed to Be three key things Casey followed which contributed to her success.

Surprisingly, Ben says that Casey was told not to join a gym and in fact start by simply walking. And it was her commitment to getting her steps daily that had Ben thinking early on she would do well on the program.

“On day one she was filming in Melbourne at 5 or 6 in the morning and she got up at 3.30am on day one to do her steps. And so, I knew she really wanted a result,” Ben tells Be.

Ben Physick is the owner of Weight Loss Coaching Works. Photo: Facebook

“Casey was big on her morning steps and that was probably the reason for her good result. We told her not to join a gym, just focus on simple movement and food.

“She was up around the 12,000 -20,000 range regularly.”

Casey would walk morning, noon, night, even in the middle of the night sometimes depending on her schedule.

Casey realised she needed help with her weight loss and joined Weight Loss Coaching Works. Photo: Getty

Ben says their first rule for anyone joining the program is you have to be ready to commit 100 per cent and have someone there to keep you accountable.

“You have to really want it. It has to be 10/10 level of commitment and if you’re not quite there yet, we tell you to work out what is holding you back and come back when you’re ready,” he tells us.

“The key is the accountability. That’s why the first part of the equation is admitting you need help and submitting to the program.”

She's since lost an incredible 36kg and says she isn't done yet. Photo: Getty

While many other weight loss programs tend focus on counting calories, Ben says the key to the success of his program is carbs.

“We follow a formula around carbs. We don’t want low or high, we want just right, and we’re very precise about the amount of carbohydrate your body needs to live on,” Ben says.

“And then when you’re at that certain spot your body will use fat as fuel and when you maintain the right amount of movement the weight will fall off.”

He also says the focus is on real foods saying that typically a day on a plate for Casey would consist of lots of colour with fruit and vegetables and protein.

“There are no shakes or lotions or crazy potions,” he says, although the specific food breakdown formula, which is different for everyone, remains a secret of the program.

“It’s about getting everything at the perfect mix.”

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