All that sparkles: the rise of pre-loved jewellery

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It’s a scientific fact. We all want to be a part of the crowd, and at the same time stand out from it.

Pre-loved and vintage jewellery have always been popular but demand for different, affordable and high-quality items is growing as more of us clue on to the unique value in pre-loved pieces. According to Cash Converters jewellery expert Karen Ledger, it’s all about standing out in an on-trend and cost-effective way.

Jewellery is much, much more affordable when it's pre-loved. Source: Cash Converters

“These days it’s hard to stand out from the crowd,” says Karen.

“Investing in pre-loved or vintage jewellery is a trendy and affordable way to own an item that is different to everyone else.

Rocking a pre-loved pink diamond engagement ring or a vintage sapphire sparkler is certainly one way to stand out. No matter what kind of things are in fashion at the moment, one thing remains true about pre-loved and vintage jewellery: you won’t spot it on everyone else.

“People love vintage jewellery because of its history - where it has come from and how long ago it was made. They love talking about their jewellery and the older, more unique it is, the more conversation it can create.”

And the idea that pre-loved jewellery is of inferior quality or undesirable is quickly losing steam.

“I think there is a perception that pre-loved jewellery can be out of fashion, broken or old,” says Karen.

“In fact, we have some really unique, high quality and timeless pieces like diamond studs, gold bangles and pearl necklaces that never go out of style.”

And if you’re lusting after the high-end designer labels there’s good news for you, too. The second-hand jewellery stores worth their salt are brimming with stunning pre-loved Gucci, Tiffanys, Tag Heuer and Chanel pieces, just to name a few.

Hellooooo Gucci ring. Come to mama! Source: Cash Converters

“Pre-loved jewellery can be amazing and has a fantastic price to match,” Karen said.

When buying pre-loved, pay attention to the quality of the workmanship and the materials. The best stores will ensure items are checked, cleaned and polished before sale so it’s like brand new.

“At Cash Converters, we see everything from the everyday items to the very unique pink diamonds from the upper end of the market.

“When customers come in, they’re usually shocked at the range of items and how much they can save.”

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