Celebrity Madness: Where Does It End?

Celebrities have always enjoyed a wild lifestyle, but lately starlets have been taking things to the next level. Britney is bald, Lindsay is in rehab, Nicole is scary skinny, and Paris is in jail! How did these young women get so out of control, and what kind of an effect is it having on our society?

Jamie Lee Curtis thinks she knows the answer. She believes the culprit behind this kind of behavior is bad parenting -- or more specifically, bad mothering. As she recently told the Huffington Post, "I hope their mothers are worried sick and wondering, 'What could I have done differently?' Wake up, mothers, and smell the denial."

Mrs. Lohan, Mrs. Hilton, and Mrs. Spears are not the only ones who need to wake up and smell the denial. As mothers, they do have the crucial role of governing their children's behavior, but our society is also to blame. As a culture, we thrive on these celebrity breakdowns. The harder celebs fall, the more people love it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the general public enjoyed the idea of Paris going to prison. A recent study in the Times found that Paris will end up serving more time than 80% of other people who committed similar offenses and had similar track records. And yet people still laugh when they see her crying in the courtroom. We have become so accustomed and so addicted to celebrity gossip that we are now amused by the sight of a young girl yelling for her mother as policemen drag her away.

No wonder these young women continue in a downward spiral. Instead of deterring starlets from negative behavior, the media eggs them on with bright lights, front pages, and cover stories. They have been set up to fail, and most of us plan on loving every minute of it. Laughing at the serious mental issues and drug addictions of certain celebrities has become our nightly entertainment.

As a society, we need to step back and assess why we are so obsessed with hearing about the tiniest details of celebrities' lives. What is missing in our own lives that we are so attracted to Star magazine and celebrity reality shows? What else could we be doing with the valuable time that we dedicate to celebrity gossip? Let's all make a vow to turn off the television, read a book, and reconnect with our family and friends. Give these women a chance to heal -- or at least the chance to go back to rehab in private.

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