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Now it appears that Li-Lo has forgotten her manners and is yet to thank her saviour, Charlie Sheen.

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Sheen clarified in an interview with ET that he gave her an unspecified amount of money, saying only that it was payment she was owed for a project. While the actor was quite happy to "pay it forward," Sheen said he was yet to receive any thanks from the actress.

Credit: ET

"I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you,'" laughed Sheen. "Anything, you know?"

Despite this, there are no hard feelings for Li-Lo from Sheen. He said in the interview that she's "a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot."

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He added, "She just needs a little bit of time... People need to give her time to get her s**t together."

And if anyone would know, it'd be Charlie Sheen.

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