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Notorious party-boy Charlie Sheen reportedly had a sober Super Bowl party

Charlie's hard-partying ways caught up with him recently after a string of incidents became public news, including when he was hospitalised after an alleged 36-hour drug-and-alcohol fuelled bender.

The 'Two and a Half Men' TV-star then signed on for rehab at home, opting for rehab professionals to visit him in his Los Angeles mansion instead of undergoing treatment at a rehab facility.

Whilst the 'rehab-at-home' option had some critics deeming it 'risky,' it appears as though Charlie is on his way to sobriety.

While Super Bowl Sunday in the US is normally the time when everyone throws a party, according to Charlie stayed in, keeping a low profile with no girls and no gambling.

Charlie reclining in his infamous porn room at his LA mansion.

Charlie reportedly watched the big game inside his infamous porn room at his LA mansion – stone-cold sober. He took time out from his least exciting party ever to pose for a photo on his red velvet lounges (above) - with only a Gatorade in hand.

In other reports of Charlie's serious rehab attempt, various sources have said that Charlie has been texting his female porn star friends to let them know he is closed for business, with texts saying Please lose this number, we are closed.

Whilst the world has watched in horror at the unfolding wreck that is Charlie Sheen, it appears he may yet be saved by the power of rehab. Only time will tell.