Policeman caught 'cheating' by wife on Google Maps

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A woman divorced her cop husband after seeing him hugging his alleged mistress on Google Maps Street View.

His wife, curious about her husband’s work, decided to look up where he worked on the Google Maps Street View website, created by Google’s camera-laden cars patrolling roads and its powerful computers stitching the images together later.

She was outraged to see a uniformed officer who appeared to be her husband, hugging another woman outside the station.

A cop husband was allegedly caught cheating in this picture from Google Maps. Photo: Australscope

The husband reportedly pleaded his innocence, saying the image must have been edited to make it look like he was with the other woman.

But local media report that she did not believe him and secured a divorce.

The allegedly wronged wife, who like her ex-husband was unnamed in reports, posted the supposedly incriminating picture online.

The story of an alleged illicit affair found out in such an unpredictable way was picked up all over South America.

It is also reported that after the picture went viral on social networks, Google Maps blurred the face of the couple seen in the screen.

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