Cheerleading is now an Olympic sport

Allison Wallace
Can we get a Y-E-S? Photo: iStock

Get ready to cheer for people cheering because The International Olympic Committee has voted to recognise cheerleading.

There has been much debate as to whether or not cheerleading is an actual sport, but we dare you to try some of those flips – with a smile.

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Torrance Shipman said it best in Bring it On: “We’re gymnasts too, expect no beam, no bars.”

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Now the spinning, jumping, flipping - and yes, cheerful - sport is finally getting the Olympic treatment.

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Of course this is just the first step.

It doesn’t necessarily mean we will be seeing cheerleaders heading off to the 2018 Olympic Games.

The IOC's recognition means that cheerleading's governing body, the International Cheer Union, will receive at least $25,000 every year and have the opportunity to apply for additional grants.

Source: Giphy

During this three-year period of recognition, the IOC can vote to fully recognise the sport.

Kit McConnell, the IOC's sports director, told the New York Times that cheerleading's "high youth appeal" factored into the decision to recognise the sport.

Naturally, the Internet all got their spirit fingers out in support of this news.

The martial art of Muay Thai is another sport that might be allowed at the Games in coming years under the same process.

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