A cheese toastie drive-thru just opened in Melbourne

Leah Cohen

Behold, you lucky melbournians, the first ever drive-thru dedicated to the one and only cheese toastie is here.

The shipping container wafting with the smell of delicious grilled and golden cheese has perched itself on High Street in Preston at The Food Truck Park.

Cheese and Bread have launched their cheese toastie drive-thru in Melbourne. Photo: Instagram

Dubbed Cheese and Bread, the yellow container cafe’s mission is simple: to give Melbourne's cheese-lovers what they want - a spot where they can get affordable, quality, on-the-go, oozy cheese toasties when they want.

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For those not in a rush, there’s a small outdoor dining area by the side of the truck where you can kick your feet up and sip on some gourmet coffee while your grilled cheese melts away under the hot press.

The container cafe is located on High Street in Preston, Melbourne. Photo: Instagram

These guys are serious about their cheese and bread toasties, with six different and wickedly delicious flavour combos on the menu, each have a quirky name.

The Mario & Luigi cheese toastie. Photo: Instagram

The glorious original Tom & Jerry is made with a house blend of cheeses but If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s the Bert & Ernie with roast beef, caramelised onions, spinach and house blend cheese.

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The Lenny & Carl with macaroni, béchamel sauce and house blend cheese is for the not so faint hearted, the Mario & Luigi sounds absolutely bella with pesto, roma and house blend cheese, while meat lovers will be drooling for days over the BATMAN & ROBIN - American wagu patty, crispy beef strip and house blend cheese.

The Lenny & Carl toastie. Photo: Instagram

If you’ve scoffed down the crusts, crispy cheese bits and licked the greasy paper to death but you’re still keen for a sweet, cheesey finish, Winnie & Tigger will be at the bottom of the menu waiting for you to call their name.

The Winnie & Tigger: the Nutella cheese toastie of your dreams. Photo: Instagram

Nutella with sprinkles and cheese anyone?

Yes. Please.

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