Chef reveals the one food you should eat on the plane

Sarah Carty

If you’re like us, you’ll have tried every plane meal by this stage and just decided to stick with an apple and a bag of chips for the duration of flights.

And while we’d happy munch on those two food items for a couple of hours, when you’re on a 15-hour flight from Australia to Dubai that’s just not going to cut it.

However, before you decide to just go hungry for the duration of the flight, a chef has revealed the best meal you can have when you’re up in the air.

A chef has revealed what you should eat on an airplane. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to CNN, Fritz Gross, director of culinary excellence at LSG Sky Chefs Asia Pacific, said you should always go for the stew.

"We can simmer it and reheat it over and over and it will still be a stew," Gross said.

He also said that if the stew isn’t available, the next best thing to go for is pasta, noodles, chicken or deep-fried food.

Gross said that food might have to sit in ovens on the plane for hours because of turbulence and issues, so choosing a sauce-heavy meal if your best option.

Apparently, stew is your best option. Photo: Getty Images

And if you were wondering why you’re never surprised by the menu when you get on a plane, there’s a reason for that.

Jorg Kubisz, executive chef at Cathay Pacific Catering Services, said it’s to satisfy everyone’s tastes and have familiar food for passengers.

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