Chester stars in Linkin Park's Carpool Karaoke

Amy Stevenson

Chester Bennington has been featured posthumously in Linkin Park's Carpool Karaoke episode, after the band shared the clip on social media.

The episode, which sees Chester and band mates Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn driving around with comedian and actor Ken Jeong, now includes a special tribute to Chester at the start. Watch the clip above.

The band filmed the episode earlier this year on July 14, less than a week before Chester was found dead in his LA home on July 20.

Chester Bennington has starred in one final video. Source: Apple Music
Comedian Ken Jeong joined Chester, Mike and Joe for Carpool Karaoke. Source: Apple Music

Linkin Park held off sharing the episode initially after the 41-year-old's death, however shared it for free on the band's Facebook page, adding they gave their blessing and also had the blessing of Chester's family to give fans one last video of the singer.

In the clip Ken, who starred in The Hangover, jokes about dreaming about being in the band, and starts a "feud" with Mike, adding he was going to take over the band and rename it "Linken Park" after himself.

Ken joked he was going to change the name of the band. Source: Apple Music
The episode was taped less than a week before Chester's death. Source: Apple Music

Chester, who suffered from depression, appears to be in good spirits as he drives the trio around and sings OutKast's hit Hey Ya! as well the band's own hits Numb andIn The End.

At one point Ken asks Chester for tips on how he can get his "trademark scream" with the father-of-six then sharing his secret to "scream-singing".

As the comedian joked about his role in the band, Chester can be heard saying he was having the "greatest day" of his life.

Chester showed off his trademark scream. Source: Apple Music
Chester's wife Talinda shared the final photo of her husband shortly after his death. Source: Twitter
The Linkin Park frontman died in July. Source: Getty

Chester's posthumous appearance comes after his wife of a decade Talinda, shared one of the final photos of the Crawling singer with his kids.

Taking to Twitter the mother-of-three shared the final family snap writing: "This was days before my husband took his own life. Suicidal thoughts were there, but you’d never know."

Talinda also previously shared a final video of Chester with the late Linkin Park frontman seen playing a game with his kids.

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