Parents are queuing up for professional nappy changers

Sarah Carty

It’s no secret that changing nappies is one of the least delightful jobs for a parent out there.

However, a parenting website in the UK has decided to give mums and dads the option of bypassing it completely by hiring a professional nappy changing service. initially launched the idea as an April Fool’s joke, but claim they’ve been inundated with requests for the service ever since.

“The World's First On-demand Uber-style Nappy Changing Service,” the April Fool’s Facebook post was first titled.

A website in the UK is offering parents the chance to pay for a professional nappy changer. Photo: Getty Images

“Were always looking for new ways to make parents’ lives easier - so today we’re launching ‘Nappy 999’ an Uber-style peer-to-peer service for nappy changing!”

“We’ve seen a big rise in the demand for nappy changing help through our platform, and are now offering Nappy 999 responders for all your nappy-related emergencies.

“Available Anywhere, Anytime.”

The post went on to say that the nappy changer would charge $9 a go and the service would aim to have the professional out at the house within 10 minutes.

“This includes the cost of a fresh nappy and the disposal of the soiled nappy,” the post said. initially launched the service as an April Fool's joke. Photo: Facebook/

And within hours of the joke being uploaded, interested parents began to private mail the website.

“Many parents have told us that they wish they could hire someone to change their children's nappies, and now they can with this service,” founder of Richard Conway told the Daily Mail.

'We've already had more than 100 providers sign-up, but we're quite a way away from having a Nappy 999 First Responder within 10 minutes of every household in the UK, and that's why we need even more people to get involved.”

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