Hand luggage bursts into flames on flight

Sarah Carty

This is the frightening moment a passenger’s hand luggage burst into flames in the overhead compartment on a plane.

The footage, which captured yesterday and posted to Twitter by the China Aviation Review, shows the bag on a China Southern flight bursting with flames, as a cabin crew member tries to battle it with a bottle of water.

It turns out, the fire was caused by a passenger’s power bank, which had no doubt overheated in the overhead compartment and combusted.

A fire erupted onboard a China Souther flight. Photo: Twitter

In the video above, the bag can be seen neatly stowed away in the corner of the glove compartment, with nothing else around it

Panicked screams can be heard in the video as the cabin crew scramble to find something to put it out with.

Then a passenger comes into the frame and tries to help as the fire grows in size.

The cabin crew could be seen throwing water at the bag in an effort to extinguish it. Photo: Twitter

According to the China Aviation Review, the cabin crew did exactly what they were supposed to do.

“Using water is standard operation procedure,” they wrote on Twitter.

“Water is actually better than BCF extinguisher in case of lithium battery fire.

“This cabin crew strictly followed government regulation and company's manual.

It turns out the fire was caused by a passenger's power bank. Photo: Twitter

The plane was parked on the runway at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and reportedly caused up to three hours of delays to flights that day.

Thankfully nobody was hurt during the incident.

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