Chloe Grace Moretz's INSANE Vacation Cabin That Would Make Kylie Jenner's Airbnb's Jealous

Yahoo! NZ

Well, this is one way to spend the new year! Actress Chloe Grace Moretz and her family are STILL on vacation in a lavish Colorado cabin. And in a stunning mountain cabin too! Chloe, along with her family, are currently enjoying a little R&R in the snow-covered mountains of Colorado. TMZ reports they're going on their third week up in the cabin - and while the 18-year-old actress hasn't posted a ton of photos, she does look rustic on horseback in the snow! But what's really got us talking is incredible accommodations. This Air BNB is INSANE! First of all, it comes with a stunning view of mountains, private hot tub for those cold winter nights and of course access to skiing! And if cabins are your thing, this one certainly fits the bill! It's luxurious yet rustic at the same time. We gotta say, we do LIKE this mountain home, but is it as cool as the many Air BNBs Kylie Jenner has rented recently? And by rent I mean been given for free? Like the stunning condo she stayed in during New York fashion week last year! The sprawling home was situated right in the city with amazing views, countless rooms, and private terraces - the works! All with a cool price tag of 26 million. But if you think THAT home was nuts, you clearly didn't see the 50 million dollar private island the 19-year-old used back in August to celebrate her birthday! Kylie and her clan stayed in one of 3 private mansions in the Caribbean with private beaches, several pools, and you know, a 50 million dollar view! So what's more your style? Kylie's lavish luxury or Chloe's rustic charm? Let us know in the comments below!