Chloe Lattanzi prompts controversy with this photo

Liz Tse

Chloe Lattanzi posted a selfie on Instagram and lined up behind her was rows marijuana plants!

The 30-year-old struck a pose inside her hydroponics room from her farm in Oregon.

She captioned the photo: "Healing power of the earth. #cbdoil #cancercuresupporter."

Chloe shared this controversial snap from her Instagram account. Source: Instagram.

Last year, Chloe revealed her and her fiancé James Driskill had moved to Oregon to start a business in marijuana farming.

"Starting up a buisness(sic) with my fiancé. Heal and create many products made from this healing plant," she wrote on Instagram.

"And my mother has nothing to do with it! My main goal is to help people with cancer. I've seen this plants property's heal and even cure forms of cancer. Can't wait till our products are on shelves to help and make people happy."

Chloe and her fiance James got engaged in 2012. Source: Getty Images.
Chloe with her mother Olivia Newton-John. Source: Getty.

Her mother, Olivia Newton-John, is a survivor of breast cancer, which is perhaps what inspired Chloe to start the farm.

Chloe’s controversial post comes just a few weeks after she took to Instagram to let her fans and haters know how their negative comments have been affecting her.

She posted lengthy rants declaring herself a “sensitive creature” and claimed she is “not dumb” and has a “kind heart,’ urging trolls to stop.

Chloe shared a selfie in which she urged the trolls to stop attacking her. Source: Instagram.

Chloe’s unusual rants on social media has sparked fears for mental health, with her mum Olivia becoming increasingly concerned about her daughter’s welfare, Woman’s Day reports.

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"She's 30 and still living with her dad - that's how fragile she is," an insider told the magazine, adding that Chloe recently moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon to be with her father Matt.

"She needs that support, but sometimes a girl just needs her mum. Chloe always seems to be in a much better place when she had Olivia close," they added.

"She could definitely do with seeing more of Olivia, who has always been a calming influence on Chloe."

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