Chloe 'cried for hours' over pic backlash

Rebekah Scanlan

After posting a photo on Instagram this week, Chloe Lattanzi sparked fears for her health.

She initially deleted the image from Instagram, but Chloe has since shared it again and revealed her pain at the backlash it received.

When Chloe Lattanzi posted this photo, she received scores of worried comments from fans. Source: Instagram

“I just got up off the floor, I’ve been sobbing for an hour, feeling the collective energy of strangers around the world weighing in on my family’s problems,” she wrote.

The snap of her in a strapless crop top and jeans with what appears to be a cigarette – captioned 98% angel – was labelled “unhealthy” by fans, with some accusing her of being “too skinny.”

Chloe revealed she's been upset by some of the remarks and was

The 31-year-old is currently supporting mum Olivia Newton-John through treatment for breast cancer after the singer was diagnosed for the second time.

Some suggested the pain of mum, Olivia Newton-John's, cancer was taking its toll. Source: Instagram

“It’s so hard to explain just how profoundly painful this whole experience is for me,” she added. “If only you saw me as a real person and not a few pictures on the internet.”

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The 31-year-old is asking fans to remember she's

Despite fears the stress of her mum's illness is taking its toll, many fans were quick to defend Chloe too.

One commenter said: “Ignore the negative messages. Beautiful picture Chloe.”

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