People are getting hot over this naked travel ad

Bianca Soldani

A travel agency has come under fire for a controversial new ad featuring seven completely naked flight attendants.

The all female staff are seen lined up in a row with nothing but a branded hat and neck tie in the short ad Kazakhstani agency Choco Travel.

There's outrage brewing over this ad...

As the camera pans out to reveal more of their bodies, the women take off their hats to protect whatever’s left of their modesty.

Unsurprisingly, the clip has receiving scathing reviews on social media, with many people calling it out as “sexist”.

The ad is about getting cheaper plane tickets via their agency

A company’s spokesperson says that’s not so however, writing on Facebook that, “There's definitely no sexism. Opinions were divided, but attention was made to the problem of high ticket prices”.

To prove their point, they also shared a male version featuring seven nude male pilots – because a female pilot would just be ridiculous!

The men's version features a line up of pilots

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