Chocolate Pearl is the Latest Internet Food Obsession

Allison Yee

They say you eat with your eyes, so it’s no wonder foodie fans have been feasting over the latest chocolate pearl dessert viral video.

The hypnotic Instagram clip – which has been viewed nearly 150,000 times in just two days – shows hot chocolate being poured on top of a silver pearl sphere, which deliciously melts away to reveal a sugar-laden tiered cake inside.

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Seriously, we defy anyone to not have this on constant loop in the background while frantically googling how to make it.

Image: snaptweet/Instagram

Luckily, all you need is a fillable ornament ball which you can find at craft shops to make your sphere, and luster dust from baking stores to get that Insta-worthy metallic sheen. Then it’s your choice of whatever you want inside – be it brownie, ice-cream or your favourite cake.

Pop this one on the list for the next time you need an impressive dinner party dessert.

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