Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie's quiz show battle

Emma Shepherd

Aussie stars Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday for a hilarious game of 'Australian Boxers'.

It's a hilarious game which involves answering questions about their home country while being dressed in kangaroo costumes and oversize boxing gloves.

Chris and Margot appears from behind a screen, entering the stage while Down Under by Men At Work plays in the background.

Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth battle it out in a game quiz named Australia Boxers. Source: Ellen

Ellen starts off the funny quiz by saying, "Whoever gets the most right is the best Australian - besides my wife Portia."

The Aussie duo were dressed in kangaroo outfits and oversize boxing gloves. Source: Ellen

Questions included, naming an Olivia Newton-John song, do their best Crocodile Dundee impression, and name the birthplace of Nicole Kidman.

While it looked as though Margot had the win in the bag, Chris took out the top spot winning a jar of Vegemite. Source: Ellen

The Aussie duo go head-to-head battling it out to take the win, Ellen asks "What time is it right now in Melbourne?" however both answer incorrectly.

"You're both wrong, it's 11," Ellen laughs.

"Neighbours is a popular soap opera Down Under," Ellen says to throw the pair off, "Which one of my neighbours may run for president in 2020?".

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"Oprah!," Chris yells.

Chris took to his Insatgram after appearing on the show telling fans he thinks they're both winner. Source: Instagram

The game wraps up with Ellen announcing that Chris has won and is handed a jar of Vegemite as his reward.

Hemsworth later shared a photo to his Instagram of the Aussie movie stars, posting he thinks they're both winners. Aww...

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