Chris Hemsworth is the worst flatmate ever

Aletha Wilkinson

Chris Hemsworth has always made it clear that even though he's insanely rich, successful and good-looking, he's always happy to take the p*** out of himself.

So it's no surprise he agreed to shoot a video of himself as his Marvel god character Thor, being pretty much the worst flatmate ever.

The video opens with Thor arguing about the value of his Asgardian coins. Source: Marvel Entertainment

Thor and his roommate are in their kitchen, bickering about whether or not it's possible to pay rent with Asgardian coins.

"In Asgard, those coins, these coins are worth a gazillion human dollars, ok?" Thor tells his clearly long-suffering flatmate as he flings coin after coin onto the dining table.

The camera pans back to reveal Thor is sitting on a bike like the most pretentious hipster imaginable.

Chris on a bike! Source: Marvel Entertainment

"No one will exchange these," his flatmate says.

But Thor is convinced he has a plan, telling his flatmate to set up a market stall selling "Asgardian Ware, Previously Owned by Thor".

"I'm a celebrity," he says. "They'll sell like hotcakes."

I regret moving in with you. Source: Marvel Entertainment

Yeah, right.

"You might want to think about getting a job," his flatmate tells him.

"I have a job," Thor replies. "You know what my job is? I save the planet."


Never change, Hemsy. Never change.Source: Getty

Yeah, right.

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