Christian mother slammed for burning Teen Vogue over sex article

Olivia Morris

An American mother who is a devout Christian has videoed herself burning the most recent issue of Teen Vogue because of its “sodomising” teachings.

Elizabeth Johnson, who goes by “The Activist Mommy” on social media, had a lot of grievances about the latest issue of the magazine.

Many have slammed this mother on social media for burning Teen Vogue over a sex article. Source: YouTube / The Activist Mommy

In a video she posted, she shows an article written about anal sex also discussing masturbation, homosexuality and gender fluidity.

She claims the article is teaching children how to be “safely sodomised”.

The mother claims the magazine was

Many slated the mother for her video on Twitter supporting Teen Vogue for teaching children safe sex.

Some even wanted others to go and report her "hateful" page.

The mother-of-ten then goes on to say how the magazine should not be teaching people about homosexual sex, gender fluidity and masturbation.

Elizabeth then turns to a page with Lena Dunham and her sister Grace both rocking some androgynous looks, sarcastically saying: “Oh yeah, real role models for our teenagers”.

She rips up the magazine and throws it in the fire. Source: YouTube / The Activist Mommy

She then encourages parents to go to their local supermarkets and petrol stations to demand the removal of the magazine from their shelves.

“These editors’ brains are in the gutter. Now lets put their sales in the gutter where they belong,” she rants.

The mother then proceeds to rip up the magazine calling it “garbage” as she throws it into a fire pit.

The mother of 10 regularly posts on topics taking a very conservative stance. Source: YouTube / The Activist Mommy

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Well, she ought be careful as her video is potentially encouraging kids how to play with fire in the video which is dangerous!

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