Christian says anyone can be a 'born-again virgin’

Kristine Tarbert

A Christian vlogger has shared a video on not having sex before marriage and claims that anyone can be a ‘born-again virgin’.

Milena Ciciotti, who regularly posts videos of bible readings, as well as makeup tutorials and glimpses inside her everyday life, offered some advice for people wanting to hold off on having sex until they were married.

The 21-year-old, from Michigan, claimed that anyone could be a ‘born-again virgin’.

“It is never too late to become a born-again virgin,” she said in the video posted to Youtube.

Milena Ciciotti posted a video offering advice on not having sex before marriage. Photo: Youtube

“It doesn’t matter if you had sex once or 100 times and then you suddenly realise this is not what I want for myself, this is not what God wants for me and I want to make a change.

“There is nothing wrong with that. You are no more or no less of a Christian for previously having sex.”

Milena was married to her now husband Jordan last year, after they meet as 15-year-olds. They both remained virgins until they tied the knot.

Milena and husband Jordan remained virgins until they married. Photo: Instagram

Since posting her first video online which was about being a virgin until she was married, she says she’s received messages from people asking for advice.

The three topics people are most interested in are apparently – being a ‘born-again virgin’, avoiding temptation and dealing with negativity from others.

She claims anyone can be a born-again virgin if they choose. Photo: Instagram

For someone that wants to become ‘pure’ she recommends you sit down with your partner and establish boundaries.

For example, she recommended no lying on a sofa or bed together, and never end up alone in a house. Her and husband Jordan didn’t even see each other in swimwear until they were husband and wife.

Milena also said oral sex was a big no-no.

“I personally think you should stop at kissing,” she said.

“Don’t start touching and don’t start licking. Don’t do that because once you do it is so easy to keep going and then boom.”

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