Christie Brinkley, 63, posts incredible swimsuit snap

Sarah Carty

She was one of the biggest models of the 60’s ad Christie Brinkley has proved she’s still got it even at the age of 63.

The stunning mum-of-three took to her Instagram account over the festive period to post photos of her idyllic family holidays.

And one snap in particular had her 349,000 followers gobsmacked, when she posed in a tiny white swimsuit.

Christie Brinkley looks incredible in this swimsuit snap. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley

The star looks completely ageless in the photo, which shows her wearing a white swimsuit, cinched in at the waist with a red, white and blue belt.

She’s also wearing a light white, long-sleeved cover up, which only shows off her enviable tan even more.

Her youthful glow is evident by the fact that she is wearing hardly any make-up and is sporting Victoria’s Secret beach waves.

“I'm convinced you're a witch. Haha. You still look incredible, like in your 20s incredible! I worshipped you in my teen years. I worship you now,” one follower said.

“You don’t look any different than your SI era. Beauty is ageless,” another commenter said.

“Share the fountain of youth lucky lady wink,” an Instagram follower said.

So, what is the secret behind her age-defying looks? Well speaking win an interview last year, the star claimed it might be down to enjoying a tipple of bubbly.

In a chat with The Coveteur, Brinkley revealed that she drinks three glasses of champagne - not in a week - a day!

“The New York Times came out with a huge study that says that the bubbles of sparkling champagne helps to prevent Alzheimer's.” Brinkley told the digital publication.

She previoulsy revealed she drinks three glasses of champagne a day. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley

“Doctors orders, three glasses of champagne a day! So I’m on it!” she said.

“I love prosecco and champagne. I love having a nice glass of bubbly with some friends,” the blonde bombshell stated, having in fact just
launched her she own line of organic prosecco called Bellissima.

A woman after our own hearts.

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