Christmas Abbot Shows Us 5 Exercises For A Badass Bod

Danica Baker

In case you hadn’t heard, Insta-stars are taking over the fitness world one post at a time. Think Kayla Itsines (who has a casual 4.9 million followers), Amanda Bisk and Christmas Abbot.

Speaking of which, fitness guru and tattooed hottie to boot Christmas Abbot recently frolicked over to Australian shores. So, we grabbed the Insta-queen with a following of 333,000 to quiz her on just how she gets that hot bod of hers. Luckily for us, the US Crossfit-star was willing to show us five simple moves to get a badass bod. Watch and learn above.

Christmas Abbot. photo: Supplied

But just keep in mind that these exercises aren’t a free pass to hit an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet on the reg. Tying a healthy diet in with an effective workout is of utmost importance, just ask Christmas.

“Nutrition is your fundamental. They say you can't out train a shitty diet, so you have to remember that nutrition goes from the inside out,” advises Christmas. “People overlook the importance of nutrition. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.”

Here’s a quick run down of the five moves for a badass bod, or you can just watch the video above;


“First of all, start with the lunge,” says Christmas. “There’s a whole lot of variations you can do with this. But for the basic lunge, you’re going to stand straight up with weight in your heel, front knee and your back knee is at 90 degrees, and your torso is vertical. You’re going to drive through your heel to stand all the way up, make sure you squeeze in the cheeks.”

Christmas Abbot. photo: Supplied

Lunge pump

“A good variation of this is the lunge pump. You just do all your reps on one leg, without coming all the way up. It looks simple but it gets ferocious. Then you can also add variables so you can add weights and walking lunges are lunge jumps, so its just this one move with a whole bunch of options.”

Step ups

“Another one I love is step ups. You can add a variance with weight to this, or speed. Use a stable bench or chair, so you can do this at home, or at work if you don’t have a gym to go to.,” explains Christmas.

“Put the whole foot on and drive [yourself] up, squeeze the butt at the top. Come down on the same leg or alternate. You can grab any sort of weight to increase the intensity. As long as you are keeping the movement strong and you’re keeping good technique. [Go] all the way up, come back down, and then switch.

Step up lunge combo

“Alright, so now that you have your two fundamentals were going ot combine that into a nice little potent combination!” Warns Christmas. “You can do this without weight, I would suggest without weight to start and then build that baseline and add weight as you want to go because that will add intensity. So you do a step up and squeeze, then you step back down into a lunge, and repeat.”

Christmas Abbot. photo: Supplied

Sky humpers

“They’re just really fun and kind of giggly to do but they will help those glues so lets get to it.,” says Christmas, introducing the exercise.

“You’re going to start on the ground, and in this position you’re going to lie all the way down and you’re going to bring your heels as close to your hips as possible - just outside, so you don’t have to keep them right forward, you can go a little wider. You’re just going to push through the heels driving that butt in the air. You’re going to hit a little bit of resistance right here [in the hips], then I want you to squeeze the glutes to make sure you have a flat hip there. Then come all the way down and push back up.