Cindy's Blog - Week 6

Cindy's Blog - 4 May 2007

Farmers Eggs

Today on Food 4 Life Naomi Cristante stopped by to show us her secret ingredient for preparing perfect eggs. It amuses me that eggs can be made into such different meals, simply by preparing them differently.

For instance I don't think poached eggs taste like scrambled eggs, and definitely nothing like fried eggs. On the other hand, mix eggs with flour and you have a base for cakes or even pancakes. Yet without the yoke you can prepare meringues for lots of other deserts. Eggs are extremely versatile.

My favourite eggs are the ones that I buy from the farmers market. They're always fresh and tasty. Check your local council's website for information on farmers markets in your area.

Once again it's Friday, so enjoy your weekend and I'll chat to you again on Monday after Food 4 Life. Treat yourself to breakfast in bed with some fresh eggs!

Cindy's Blog - 3 May 2007

'Fruit + Veg' week

This week is 'Fruit + Veg' week in Victoria. To maintain a balanced and healthy diet we should all consume two pieces of fruit and five servings of vegetables per day. A lot of people, including children, just aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables in their daily diet. Therefore 'Fruit + Veg' week is hoping to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables that are eaten by primary school students and their families.

Activities throughout the week include students and families learning about the importance of fruit and vegetables. They also will learn ways to prepare and include more servings of each into their daily diet.

A lot of activities take place in primary schools, and the week also gives local grocers and retailers a chance to get involved with their communities. For more information on how you can get involved, visit

Cindy's Blog - 2 May 2007

A sea of food

There are so many delicious seafood recipes now, sometimes it's so hard to choose. Today on Food 4 Life we made individual seafood pies.

One of my favourite types of seafood is salmon. I love grilled salmon and a green salad with a homemade dressing. I also love tuna, but I've mentioned that in an earlier blog.

A lot of dishes can be suited to include seafood, such as pasta. You can even get recipes for seafood patties now, to make into burgers or eat on their own. However, some types of seafood are always best on their own, such as Oysters.

So if you're not a regular seafood eater, try including it into some of your meals in other ways, such as pasta or seafood patties. Have a good day, speak to you again tomorrow.

Cindy's Blog - 1 May 2007

World Asthma Day

Not only is today the first day of yet another month, it's also World Asthma Day. According to the Asthma Foundation Australia there were 2.2 million Australian's with Asthma in 2001, which is approx one in six children and one in nine adults.

In 2007 World Asthma Day is promoting a message that 'you can control your Asthma'. There are activities taking place all over the world to promote awareness around the condition. For instance Asthma Foundation NSW will be conducting free lung and spirometry testing at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney between 7am and 2pm.

You can also visit your local Asthma Foundation to find out what activities are taking place in your local area. Remember to please see your doctor for instructions on dealing with and preventing your Asthma.

Speak to you again tomorrow after Food 4 Life, where I'm making a yummy Mediterranean dish as part of the 5-Day Meal Planner.

Cindy's Blog - 30 April 2007

Carrot Science

Today on Food 4 Life Barbara cooked a delicious carrot and couscous salad. Carrots are one of the most used vegetables in my kitchen. They just seem to work well with most dishes. They are great raw in salads such as coleslaw, terrific roasted in the oven and a perfect and economical filler for sandwiches and pita wraps.

When I was young I use to like to save the tops of the carrots and make them grow on the windowsill, by placing them on a saucer of cotton wool and water. They say that this is often one of the first experiences children have with science. Although at the time I didn't think know it was science, I was too excited about my carrots growing hair!

If you haven't already, you should try it at home with your kids. They'll love it. Hope you all had a great weekend, speak to you again tomorrow after Food 4 Life.