Cindy's Blog - Week 7

Cindy's Blog - 11 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Since Sunday is Mother's day I just wanted to wish all mothers a very happy day, I hope you all have a great day.

I love spending the day with my daughter, not that we need an excuse like Mother's day to hang out but it's still enjoyable all the same. She often wakes up early to make me breakfast in bed, but I also enjoy getting up and cooking a tasty treat with her.

The rest of the day is often spent with more family and friends. We generally have people over for lunch and then a relaxing afternoon on the patio if the weather permits.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy your Mother's day. I'll speak to you again on Monday, after Food 4 Life.

Cindy's Blog - 10 May 2007

A salad for all seasons

Well we're right into the swing of Autumn, with the leaves starting to fall off the trees and the cooler weather arriving. Just because summer is over though, doesn't mean that we need to turn our backs on the trusty salad.

A lot of people think that salads are bland and boring, but the thing is there are so many different kinds of salad. A simple salad can be made into a main dish by mixing up some simple ingredients such as vinegar, herbs and salt and pepper.

Pasta and root vegetable salads are great for winter as they're a bit denser than the traditional light garden salad, which is something we all appreciate in the cooler months. One of my favourite salads in winter consists of roasted sweet potato chunks with herbs, spring onion, roasted roma tomatoes and rocket.

You should have a look through this week's recipes for the warm salmon pasta salad we made today on Food 4 Life, it was delicious. Chat to you again tomorrow.

Cindy's Blog - 9 May 2007

Thai at home

Michael and I made Thai fish cakes today on Food 4 Life. It reminded me of a fantastic holiday that I went on to Thailand. While we were there I got to experience a real Thai cooking class, it was amazing. The Thai people were so lovely and so good at their cooking; I picked up lots of unique hints, especially in relation to Thai flavours.

Thai food is known for its balance of flavours - hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Traditional ingredients vary on which area you're in, for instance coconut milk is used a lot in curries in the south, but a lot of the northeastern dishes include limejuice.

It's great being able to get all the freshest ingredients at your local IGA supermarket, it makes it so much easier to create your own Thai meals at home.

If you're looking for a change to your everyday meals, Thai is definitely something you could try. Hope you've had a great day, speak to you again tomorrow after Food 4 Life.

Cindy's Blog - 8 May 2007

Tomato Chutney

Today on Food 4 Life I made Mango Chutney Chicken as part of the 5-day Meal Planner. When I was little I always thought Chutney was just a savoury jam but is actually the term for a variety of sweet and spicy condiments originally from South Asia.

Michael and I enjoy making traditional tomato chutney, but we also like exploring different chutney flavours. We recently made a fig and date chutney that was the perfect accompaniment to some vintage cheese and a quality red wine.

You should try making some chutney at home; there are lots of different types to choose from. Vegetable chutney can often just be made in a blender, whereas most fruit chutney needs to be cooked.

I'll speak to you again tomorrow after Food 4 Life, where we're making pork with green peppercorn sauce.

Cindy's Blog - 7 May 2007


Hope you had a lovely weekend, and for those who are in Queensland I hope you enjoy your extra day off today for Labour Day.

Today on Food 4 Life Rachel, our IGA Nutritionist, spoke to us about organic foods and how they can help improve our wellbeing.

Organic foods are those that are grown free from artificial pesticides or fertilisers, and processed without ionising radiation or food additives. Nowadays you will also be able to find organic options, such as produce and even black tea, at your local IGA supermarket.

I like to include organic produce into my meals and cooking, I especially like organic tomatoes because they always have such a rich taste.

Next time you're doing your shopping, try some organic options and you might just be surprised. Chat to you again tomorrow after Food 4 Life.