Cities for your Balkan travel bucket list

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Balkans are safe, affordable, and stunning with a rich history and culture! It’s no surprise that this region has become incredibly popular to visit over the last few years.

If you’re up for an adventure, our top pick is the ‘Big Balkan’ trip through Topdeck, which offers the the perfect way to explore this extraordinary corner of the Adriatic.

Topdeck is a favourite for thrill seekers and travellers looking to sample the very best Europe has to offer—explore spectacular scenery, partake in the best activities and effervescent nightlife all in one hit.

Whether you go it alone or with Topdeck, here are five of our favourite stops, that will make an unforgettable trip...

Macedonia's most beautiful destination.

Ohrid is a city in the Republic of Macedonia. This beautiful city is full of old world charm. Its location right on the edge of serene Lake Ohrid is hard to beat, and a lovely little town beach and boardwalk help make the most of its natural charms. Ohrid’s major attractions are all located within a remarkably concentrated and walkable area.

The world's second largest administrative building is The Palace of the Parliament (or The People's House) in Bucharest.

This Romanian capital city should be on your Balkan bucket list. It can definitely seem too concrete and a bit overwhelming at first. But give it some time and you’ll see there is also quite a bit of culture to be found alongside its interesting Communist history. From the cozy and historical Lipscani district to its beautiful parks and gardens, there is plenty to keep you occupied!

Sofia is a dynamic Eastern European capital.

Sofia is another concrete capital that may surprise you upon further exploration. It has lovely parks, trendy cafes, interesting museums. There’s also close proximity to magnificent Vitosha Mountain, and St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, second largest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans.

Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia.

The nightlife in Belgrade is frequently touted as one of the best in Europe. It’s definitely a place to go if you’re looking for a good time. Here, along the Danube and Sava Rivers, you can find more than two hundred floating bars, clubs, and restaurants, known locally as splavovi. However, Serbia’s capital is so much more than just a banging party scene. Take a walk around Belgrade, get to know both Serbian and Yugoslav cultural heritage.

Sarajevo is a very walkable city.

One of the most enchanting cities in Europe, Sarajevo is sure to steal your heart. It’s a city steeped in history, and a cultural melting pot in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If there’s one thing Sarajevo is known for, it’s the hospitality and kindness of its residents, who will do their best to make a visitor’s stay in their town special. Whether you need advice about where to go or you’re lost and need some directions, don’t hesitate to stop passersby.

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