Expert talks techniques to ‘sway’ your baby's gender

Kristine Tarbert

After Brisbane mum Bronwyn Brady revealed to Be recently that she was able to ‘sway’ the gender of her third baby, we decided to do some more digging.

Bronwyn, who’s had three boys naturally, believes ‘swaying’ helped her have her only daughter.

Claudette Wadsworth specialises in women's and men's hormonal health and natural fertility and offers services in gender swaying, a program designed to influence the gender of your child.

Aussie parents are trying to 'sway' the gender of their baby. Photo: Getty

To do this Claudette combines the theories and techniques of three different approaches.

“What I do is put them all together to try and maximise the desired outcome. It can get a little bit complicated but that’s where my expertise comes in to guide people through that,” Claudette tells Be exclusively.

Claudette Wadsworth is a hormone and fertility specialist. Photo: Supplied

Many see gender selection as a luxury, but Claudette says some parents do it for serious reasons such as avoiding passing on any sex-related inherited diseases.

However she stresses that she only offers her program to couples who have no history of fertility problems and already have two children of the same sex.

“I don’t do it for people unless they already have children because there’s certainly no guarantee,” Claudette explains.

There are no guarantees these techniques will work. Photo: Getty

“In my experience most people get what they want, sometimes some don’t but I always make sure I am very up front and make sure they still going to be happy if they end up with another boy or girl. Because otherwise we can’t continue so I’m very clear on that.”

For those that aren’t familiar with ‘gender swaying’ techniques, they vary from using certain sexual positions, to eating certain foods or timing your lovemaking.

It’s definitely only for the really committed and medically, has no strength to it. But since the National Health and Medical Research Council’s ban on gender selection procedures in April, Aussie women are turning to these techniques.

Claudette combines three main methods. Photo: Getty

Claudette uses three main methods to help couples try to ‘sway’ the gender of their baby but stresses that it’s just about maximising the body’s natural processes – nothing artificial. And nothing is guaranteed.

The first is the Shettles method, which looks at ways to utilise to different characteristics of the faster but weaker androsperm (male) and the slower but stronger gymnosperm (female).

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This method suggests using different sex positions. Missionary, spooning and girl on top are recommended if you want a girl, whereas for a boy it’s doggie-style or standing up.

The Shettles method looks at positions. Photo: Getty

The second method Claudette incorporates is the dietary method, based on evidence that eating specific foods alters the pH environment in the female reproductive tract.

“It comes down a lot to the body PH – to do with your mineral balance. For example if you wanted a boy we would recommend salt, whereas if you wanted a girl you would need more calcium magnesium,” Claudette tells us.

This was one of the main methods Bronwyn used explaining that she controlled her diet. “I cut out bananas, potatoes and tomatoes – anything that was high in potassium,” she said.

Belinda cut out potassium and avoided bananas. Photo: Getty

The final method – Lunar Cycle – is all about timing and the cycle of fertility and was discovered by Czech psychiatrist Dr Jonas.

“With a boy you want to try close to ovulation, with a girl you want it further. But we do that with reservation because you don’t want to be too far and end up with an old sperm,” Claudette says.

Claudette stresses she only helps couples that already have children and will be happy with any gender. Photo: Getty

Claudette clarifies that nothing can be done to change the male sperm and sometimes, for unknown reasons, men may just produce more of the one type of sperm.

“So the only thing we can work with is the female side. But I stress again, it’s not guaranteed,” she says.

Couples are advised to start implementing techniques six weeks before they want to start trying for a baby.

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